CBDepot is one of the first stores in Rochester to offer unique cbd shopping experiences. CBDepot is a tranquil, calm, and inviting space that promotes happiness and wellness. we strive to make every experience in our boutique a personal and peaceful experience, bringing over 75 different CBD products to one place. All of our products are tested, verified, and made in the USA. We are a store of much passion towards the uses of cbd and are excited to bring knowledge to the community.

Meet The Owner

Jodi Tunison

It was the summer of 2016 and my mother was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer that had made it’s way to her brain. There was no chance of surviving and she was given 6 months to a year to live depending on treatment. After long conversations and a lot of research we decided to not go the chemo route and try CBD instead. I am not going to say the next year of my life was easy, but I will tell you that the CBD protocol that my mom did gifted her with many advantages. It allowed her to live out what life she had left with an enormous amount of quality. My mom passed away almost a year to the day she was diagnosed and it was that tragedy that set me down the path of this gift. I realized with her passing that I wanted to get the word out, and help others, I wanted everyone that could add quality to their lives, have a simpler way to  access to the products they need. It is my way of honoring a truly remarkable women and bringing joy and a better way of life to so many others.

It has now become my passion, I love educating those who are unfamiliar with what CBD is. I love hearing the stories from those it has helped. I have seen the magic within my own home, with my own family. Even with my dog. I have always dreamed of doing something I love, and it took the biggest tragedy of my life to realize what exactly that was for me, and it is this. The day I rented the store, there I stood on the sidewalk on Ridge Rd West, I looked to heaven with my arms out and said out loud “ YOU HAVE THE WINGS, I HAVE THE HEART, TOGETHER LETS FLY!” So please come in and see us, let me and my family, help you and yours. 

We’re located at 2300 West Ridge Rd in Greece NY on the northwest side of Rochester. Questions about CBD or finding the best products? Give us a call at 585-623-8776 or send us an email in complete confidence.