As the popularity of CBD continues to escalate, products are being sold at just about every type of store imaginable. From department stores and gas stations to smoke shops and grocery chains, it’s become almost impossible to determine what’s good, what’s garbage, and what’s genuinely high quality.  As a family-owned and operated Rochester CBD store, we can’t overstate the importance of buying from trusted providers who aren’t simply jumping on the bandwagon to boost sales. Because while there many great CBD brands out there, just as many are being mass-marketed with little regard for safety, potency or purity.      

A bad first experience can turn someone off of CBD therapy forever, so it’s important, especially if you’re new to it, to make absolutely sure that you’re buying quality products from the onset.  Here are just a few reasons to consider shopping at family-owned and operated CBD stores. 

  • Expert advice from those who truly care about safety, quality and effectiveness
  • Access to superior-grade CBD products from the industry’s most trusted providers
  • A more diverse range of safe CBD brands, delivery methods and product options
  • Personalized service from compassionate staff who know and use CBD themselves
  • Added peace of mind from knowing the specific origin and strain of your products
  • A local source for information on new CBD products, research and industry news   

Finding a Local CBD Provider You Can Trust

When it comes to finding a CBD provider you can trust unfailingly, there are essentially two options. You can take your chances on whatever’s being sold at the local corner store, or from experts who discovered it while searching for their own natural alternative, and those who continue to believe in its potential.  At CBDepot, we’re a family-owned and operated business who have dedicated our lives to providing others with CBD products they can have complete confidence in. 

We invite you to call or visit either of our two Rochester area retail CBD stores to browse our products, meet our team and discover what makes us so different.  Or write to the CBDepot staff via email through our website’s contact page

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